Windrider Productions

Windrider Productions is a high-caliber turn-key production company that creates original content, including award-winning short and feature documentaries appearing in film festivals, broadcast, and digital platforms.


Windrider Productions also brings the best of visual storytelling to non-profit and community impact organizations. We have produced over 200 short films with organizations such as the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, Kern Family Foundation, Family Theater Productions, International Arts movement, and others.


Windrider Productions tells personal stories, effects social change, and empowers communities through documentary film and visual media.

Theology of Making

In partnership with our friends at the International Arts Movement and Kalos Works, Windrider is excited to bring to you a compelling visual companion resource to Makoto Fujimura’s book, Art + Faith: A Theology of Making. In this series, we invite you to join Mako in his studio, along with world class artists, and renowned experts, journeying from Creation to New Creation.

The Faith, Work, and Economic Wisdom Series

Windrider, in partnership with the Kern Family Foundation, has created and curated a series of short films about the dignity and intrinsic value of work. The Faith, Work, and Economics Series spotlights everyday people whose Christian faith influences their professions and economically impacts those around them.