Episode 5: Multisensory Aesthetic Experience

Seventeen years ago, Jacob Marshall entered college to explore the science behind how and why humans experience beauty. He wanted to know how beauty spoke to us through our different senses and how an artist could combine those sensory languages to create an immersive experience of multisensory beauty. Imagine being able to see, touch, smell, and taste your favorite music. That search moved from the classroom to the open road when he joined creative forces with some of his best friends, Dave Elkins, Rob Sweitzer, Zach Gehring, and Mark Padgett and created the band MAE (multisensory aesthetic experience).

After more than 10 years of traveling around the world, bashing sound and light into the dark corners of large cities and quiet towns, MAE has performed over 1600 concerts on four continents and released seven recordings. But the journey into the mysteries of the Multisensory Aesthetic Experience are far from over…


July 19, 2015


New Copernicans Series